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Don’t wait for your car! Mirigi allows you to request your car from literally anywhere, you can even ask Alexa to request it for you.

You can track your request in real time and a message will arrive on your mobile phone when the car is ready.

Valet staff can easily save time-tagged photos to Mirigi for peace of mind about car scratches or dents complains.


Don’t check the package tracker: let Mirigi tell you when your delivery has arrived.


Browse the available amenities and reserve the best time for you, from anywhere. You can ask Mirigi to remind you so you don’t forget.


Residents may fill out custom created forms on their touch screen or smartphone to make special requests.

These will be sent to the indicated staff member and can be monitored by managers, who will receive user feedback requested after the issue is solved.


An easy Eco-friendly way to send messages to the residents, who will be able to receive them also on their mobile phone or touch panel.


Is the pool too crowded? Check through the pool-cam! Live streaming of the building's installed cameras is available on all supported platforms.


Using the power of the BeoLiving Intelligence, the smart home controller by Khimo and Bang & Olufsen, Mirigi integrates with smart home equipment giving the resident access to a fully integrated solution. Control your home through the same app in your smartphone -or any Internet-enabled device (eg. iPad, iPod touch)- either inside the house or from anywhere in the world.


Mirigi can also integrate with other building automation systems and provide an integrated solution for both residents and staff.

It can be linked to the front door station, elevators, access control system or any other system that can be monitored or operated by an API.


Mirigi’s solution is a platform open to incorporate new functionalities with ease, allowing Mirigi to grow and become more and more useful as time evolves.

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